Haikus Before Bed by Arya
My thoughts in 5-7-5.

"My head is reeling
And I grab for all my dreams
Hoping they come true."

"I journey through the
Precious fantasy that he
Whispers with his love."

"I will never tire
Of singing nonsense with you.
They make sense the most."

"Thousands of pages
have been written about us.
Keep the ink flowing."

"I will tell you this:
So long as we’ve nights like this,
You’re worth fighting for."

"Please sing me to sleep
So when the sun greets my eyes,
I wake with a smile."

"It takes quite a lot
To pull away from your lips
When they are on mine."

"Though this is the fear
Crippling me from the inside,
It’s also the cure."

"It’s every girl’s dream
To be asked out on a date
Then say, “I’d love to.” :)"

"Dear Lover, I feel
That you don’t love me today.
I guess that’s okay."